Michael Koch • Website Designer


is an award-winning graphic designer and photographer. He is the Resident Graphic Designer for JMTC Theatre, having created and run print and digital campaigns from NYC premiere productions to international tours. Mike does freelance graphic design through his own company, M Koch Graphics, as well, serving many local Lehigh Valley privately owned businesses to creating spot on personal and family designs. As Graphics Coordinator at the digital billboard company, Digiview Outdoor Advertising, Mike lined the streets and highways with unique billboard campaigns ranging from Crayola to Whitehall Manor Senior Living to the Tilted Kilt. As a photographer, Mike specializes in portraits and nature and post-apocolyptic landscape. Mike is a cherished member of the JMTC family. He is a creative family oriented individual whose interests include biking, hiking, camping, photography, cars, motorcycles, and traveling.



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